Saturday, March 25, 2017

Sometimes Silly Sometimes Sweet Short Stories #2


"Who is she, Grammy?"
(asked 16 year old Matthew his grandmother pointing to his father's closet. Dr Nicholas Sebastian , Matthew's father was a renowned cardiologist.He was gentle but too articulate to let anyone touch his belongings.Today three weeks after his death,his closet lay wide open.)

"Suchitra....... .Suchitra Sen your father's favourite" 
(Jennifer said softly staring at the old tattered poster of the famous actress.The only poster her dutiful son ever bought.)

"Favourite...... actress ....didn't know he liked watching movies never took us out......he never cared for anyone but himself......"  
(Matthew said exasperatedly ,the revelation about his melancholic father was too much to bear)

"Your father cared for everyone but he loved Suchitra ..."
(Jeniffer fought back tears as her trembling hands felt the poster )

In the stillness of the night lay awake old Jennifer, seeking forgiveness from her son for not letting him marry the girl he loved till his last breath.
Dr Suchitra Sharma - a non catholic.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sometimes Silly Sometimes Sweet Short Stories #1


"Oh God, its him" muttered Tapasya

 her eyes having  met the gentleman's standing two rows across.
"Hope he doesn't recognise me"
"How would he ,its been 20 years?
" I don't even look the way I used to"
"My whole family is here..."
"I am never coming out on weekends again"
"We could have gone to ......

"Ah! he didn't..

Men have a different mechanism to get over after all" she sighed.

"Tapasya....... ..."  she heard him call out.
Her heart stopped. Her gazed transfixed. 
Sweat running down her back. Throat parched. Her body numb

"Just one selfie ...Papa....." 

Men have a different mechanism to get over after all.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Sometimes Silly Sometimes Sweet Short Stories

Ever wondered ?
What is the most difficult task to accomplish in the Emotional Cosmos?

Understand Silence.

Best  are the ones who convey everything without  saying much.
Blessed are the ones who decipher it all.

Influenced by real life situations and individuals around me,
I present the second segment of my blog-
Sometimes Silly Sometimes Sweet Short Stories.

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